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Smart Timer Selection

  Smart Timer,  7-Day or 365 Days Time Switch automatically switches loads schedules with to-the-minute accuracy.

Astronomic On specific models provides sunset ON and sunrise OFF settings
■ Multiple Control Combination Single, 2, 4, 12 Poles, Rated 10Amp 
Class 2 Pilot DutyControl available in 12VDC, 24VAC/DC, 120VAC
■ Advanced Features: Input contacts for control and command, such as override, process control, home automation, building automation, emergency stop, process interface, analog inputs, Remote control. etc.
  Molded Circuit Breaker


7 Day 24 Hour Digital Timer 

  Keypad and display
  Relay SPDT 16A, 250V Pilot Duty
  16 time schedules,
   3 Year Lithium battery backup
  Non Astro.  Manual override button
  For DIN  rail mount 35mm
Programming Manual
934110   110VAC $39.99
934220    220VAC $39.99
934012  12VDC   $39.99 
934024  24VDC   $42.99 
ELC12DC   365-Day  - Programmable Smart DIN Timer
Display & Keypad, 4 Circuit - SPST - 10 Amps
8  Discrete Inputs for control or override
4  Separate Relay output Circuits 10A,
FBD Software, IEC 61131-3 standard
USB interface for uploading,
 downloading and transferring of programs

 4CH 12/24VDC  ELC12DC   $399.99 
 4CH 120/240VAC  ELC12AC   $399.99 

EC6DCU   365-Day Smart DIN Time Controller  
NON Astronomic
2 Circuit - SPST - 10 Amps
Operating Voltage 12/24VDC, 24VAC  or 120/240VAC
Number of Circuits: 2 Ch  10Amps ea
Dry contact input: 4,  
Multiple logic functions, timers, counters
Password protection
USB interface for uploading, downloading and transferring of programs
  2 CH    12/24VDC   $299.00 
  2 CH    120/240VAC   $299.00 

934010  - 365-Day   Controller with display & keypad
2 Circuits - SPDT - 10 Amps
365-Day Electronic Time Switch
Power:12, 24VAC/DC, @ 100mA
Output  Continuous or momentary,  SPDT 10 Amps 120VAC or 28VDC
plastic case  5.90 x 5.90 x 3.54 in.  149.86 x 149.86 x 89.92 mm
Non-Volatile Memory - 50+ ON/OFF Events - Build-in clock back-up battery
365 Day Controller
  934010   $129.99 

934320  7 Day Timer  Lighting or Motor Control 3pole
7 Day, 24 Hour Timer
16 separate time schedules,
3 Pole Contactor 50A Lighting, 32A Motor
Normally Open (N.O.) contacts
For: 120,208,240,277,480VAC
Lithium battery backup, Manual override button
Dimensions: 4.5W, 3.2H, 3.5D inches
Control 120VAC, w DIN Rail
 Programming Manual
7 Day, 24 Hour Timer 
3 Pole-50A   $89.99 

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